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Acheron & Styxx are coming!

In 2008, Acheron burst onto the publishing scene, and spent a whopping 1.5 years on bestseller lists across the globe.

In 2013, Styxx (the book about his twin) followed suit and sold even more copies.

For years now, fans, readers and collectors have been begging for a reissue of the hardcovers so that they could add them to their collections, and for those two books to be combined into a single edition so that they could read the story as one continuous novel about the brothers and their struggles with each other, the Fates, and even the gods who hated them both.

Sherrilyn tried from the moment Styxx was finished to get her publisher to allow her to combine the books into a single novel (or at least a boxed set) and for them to allow her to add new content.

They refused.

They’re still refusing. However, after all these years of carrying those pleas from her fans to her publisher, Sherrilyn has finally received her publisher’s permission/blessing to allow her to do a very special anniversary edition of Acheron’s & Styxx’s journeys, and to add in the scenes that were cut.

Sadly, her publisher isn’t doing the edition for her. This is where we need you, the readers, collectors and fans to help fund this undertaking that is so near and dear our hearts.

Not only will Sherrilyn combine the two books into a four volume set, she will be adding all-new content! 

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