"Why eat only one human when there are millions more?"


One of the fiercest Daimons ever created, Zephyra lives to torment humans and anyone who gets on her nerves. She only has patience for her daughter and no one else.

Since she didn’t have Apollymi to show her how to live past age 27, she conjured a demon, intending to sell her soul to keep Medea alive. Once it fed on her, she killed it and discovered a small secret. Since Jared was owned by the gallu she killed, she gained custody of him as well. Her life is tied to Medea’s. The only difference is Medea can have children and Zephyra can’t.

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Hear it from the Fans

When I first read her book I thought that 14 was too young to get married but then i remembered that was usually the age people got married back then. I wonder what's she's gonna to do Apollo now that she knows what he was gonna to do to her if Stryker didn't divorce her while she was pregnant with Medea

Freya, September 27, 2013

look at it this way. you have movable punching bag whenever you need it. its Stryker. Can't get any better than that.

megan meister, July 10, 2013

isn't just me or Stryker and Phyra are the best bad-ass villians in the DH world? i read the book and i must say: i actually connected to Stryker, even though his the bad guy a hot bad guy.. v^_^v

Fritzie, April 24, 2012

ii like her very much,,she's amazing and interesting,, i want to know more informations about her..

Lalaine, July 27, 2011

Does Zephyra still have contact with Artemis? Does she still do things for the goddess or are they on opposite sides now? By the way, I love her character and would love to know more about her.

Melissa, July 18, 2011