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Talon is the son of a Druid High Priest and Celtic Queen. He, himself, was a High Chieftain in Britain who fought back invaders and secured his clan against any and all threats.

After the deaths of his aunt, uncle, wife and son over a short period of time, he was told that his ancient gods had cursed him. That they would plague his sister, his people and his lands so long as he lived. To appease the gods, he would have to be sacrificed to them.

Once his clan had Talon secured to the altar, they killed his sister before his eyes and then turned on him. He gladly ceded his soul for revenge against them.

Unlike the other Dark-Hunters, he is entirely detached from this world. Talon walks between this realm and the next with the help of Spirit Guides.

There are those who speculate that should he ever free his banished emotions, the volatile Celtic blood...

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Hear it from the Fans

From the first time I ever read "Talon"'s name in a book I knew I had to track down Night Embrace and after months of searching book stores, I was lucky enough to find it and Talon and Sunny have a special place in my heart! Really! Now when we gonna discuss a Tally Jr. or little Miss Sunny to give this ex-darkhunter a bit of the gray stuff?

Nikki N., August 6, 2011

i hope SK would reincarnate Talon's sister into their baby just so he'd have his sister again... and just so they could have a kid... think about it... their kid would have a pet alligator... haha... oops, that might not be such a good idea...

Liv, August 3, 2011

first book in series that i read...love at first sight!as a scot...go the celts!!!

jacs, August 2, 2011

Awe, I really enjoyed the pink blanket Talon. Remember, "Only Tough Men Wear Pink."

Brianna Jessup, July 26, 2011

Talon, you are absolutely amazing and I hope you and Sunny and you are having fun. I absolutely love your book it's my absolute favorite of the series and your my absolute favorite!!!

Jamie, July 23, 2011

looove talon i hope he has a baby, it would be soo nice if his sister could be a part of his life. wish he could be in retribution too.

simran, July 22, 2011

The tattoo alone makes him hot- Go Talon GO! Ride that bike to my door! LOL!

Leo, July 22, 2011

I love Talon, he's such a hottee! I loved the story about he and Sunshine, especially when she ruined his pants and Julian and Kyrian had to bring him some more clothes....brilliant!

Terry, July 21, 2011

will Talon and Sunshine ever have a baby of their own?

Alisha, July 17, 2011

Eh!? No comments!? What's this!? Talon you're amazing, just putting that out there~ Enjoy the next cup of coffee!! . . . . And what do you think about the bacon flavor chips??

Renzo, July 16, 2011