"Oooo, Mr. Yummy Bottom!"


Sunshine was just your average flibbertigibbet artist into granola, bare feet and art, until a late night encounter showed her another side of the world that she never dreamed existed. It also showed her a part of her own history, she wouldn’t have guessed in her wildest imaginings.

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Hear it from the Fans

How do you pronounce Nynia? Love you Sunshine!!

Jaynee, March 24, 2016


    Carl, MB Staff, March 26, 2016

Picture of Declan asleep in Talon's helmet! https://www.facebook.com/sunshinerunningwolforigins/photos/a.333225496778081.59318.305306949569936/688604594573501/?type=1&theater

SimiXiamaraDHO, September 9, 2015

when are we going to see a picture of Declan?

Alex, March 4, 2013

i love her she is sooo Shinee :) and im totally in love with her brother does anyone knows how his real name is?

Bili, December 29, 2012

I get the feeling that she's half Native American of some kind. Would I be right in saying that?

Chrissy Oravec, November 14, 2012

    It's stated in all the books. Her father is a shaman.

    Carl, MB Staff, November 14, 2012

Thanks for the inspireation sunny! I dedicate my artwork to you!! :D

Angel, October 1, 2012

Sooooo....Any Baby News Yet? I Truly Hope That Happens For The Both Of You! You'll Both Be Amazing Parents. *Lots Of Love & Luck*

Melanie, August 21, 2012

I agree with Elizabeth.

Dipna, August 9, 2012

I literally died when I read Sunshine's story. I had never related to a character in a book more. Except for the whole reincarnation thing . . . As far as the art and personality goes? Yeah. She's my favorite!

Emily, January 31, 2012

Are we going to know when Sunshine and Talon have their baby?

Sunny, December 11, 2011