"Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life. Laughing at someone else's can shorten it."


One of the fabled Keetoowah who survived the sinking of their island, Ren is a man haunted by a past so brutal that no amount of time will ease his conscience. But the blood on his hands isn’t the only scar from his crimes. He ruined his own brother for all time, and destroyed both their lives.

Now he has a chance to save a world he once tried to destroy, but can he face down his demons one more time? Evil in its purest form once owned him, body and soul. As the gates of the seven worlds open and release their captives into the human world, he must find a strength he’s not sure he has. More than that, he must battle in a fight to the death.

Only he’s not the one who will die if he fails. In the Giudan Xtl, the loser is taken prisoner and the one he loves most is sacrificed to the Pale One to feed his rising. The clock is ticking…

Let the war begin.

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Hear it from the Fans

I am a little confused, hopefully someone can clarify something for me. Wren tigeran is not in No Mercy, yet his profile says that he is; while Ren is in No Mercy, plays a pretty big role in it, yet according to this he is not. I just finished rereading No Mercy, but I'm pretty sure that it is Ren not Wren, that turns into the raven in it. Can someone please unconfuse me? Thank you, Lynda

lynda, September 13, 2015

    Neither Wren nor Ren is in No Mercy. There is a glitch that sometimes has characters showing up as being in books when they're not. We don't know why that occasionally happens when browsing through several books. Certain browsers keeps the characters from previous page and reloads when you browse to the new page. If you clear the cache, it usually generates the correct list.

    Carl, MB Staff, September 13, 2015

I'm curious as to how Kateri became immortal

Lucy, September 1, 2015

    She was born that way.

    Carl, MB Staff, September 8, 2015

Is the Ravenna mentioned in Time Untime , the same Ravenna who's Zeke's partner?

Demetrius Johnson, August 14, 2015

    No. Different characters.

    Carl, MB Staff, August 17, 2015

Ren and Kateri are mortal correct?

vvravin, April 30, 2015

    No. They're immortal.

    MB_Staff, May 1, 2015

Just read Time Untime; fascinating! I loved it, and i so fell in love w/ this guy. I mean WOW. Thank you so much, Kenyon, for writing such great stuff. I hope some day my writing will be as good and as well known as yours. Best Regards, Kahtra D'Adino Bryson.

Kahtra, April 12, 2013

I live his book. It is ssssoooo full of surprises. Its awsome.

Marie, November 17, 2012

i have a little question, after time untime ren and sundown, returned immortal or remained mortal?

jey, November 13, 2012

    It's shown in the epilogue that they're immortal.

    Carl, MB Staff, November 14, 2012

Loved Ren in "Time Untime" I'm so happy Kateri's love redeemed his soul! He's not to blame for the inner demons he struggled with. He did'nt have a chance, being at the hands of such a cruel fate from the very start of life! Anything he done before he was given a chance at redemption was motivated by pain on such a level that a lesser man would have never made it back from the brink. Kateri is Woman here her ROAR!!

Melissa, October 3, 2012

Hi! I just wanna know if at the end, they were both mortals/ humans? Or were they able to acquire immortality somehow? I think, after everything, they do deserve to live forever with each other... :)

suddenlyyou, September 5, 2012

I can't wait to read this ! I would love to see Fury's Story though.

Theresa Campbell, August 17, 2012