"Limitations are for people who have them, and excuses are for people who need them."


Contrary to what many believe, Merlin wasn’t a man. It was a title. Merlins were the advisors of the ancient kings. The Penmerlin was the High Merlin who sat at the right hand of the reigning monarch while the others were referred to as waremerlins.

The best known of the Merlins was Emrys who served both Uther and Arthur Pendragon, but Emrys Penmerlin was a man with well known weaknesses. Weaknesses that Morgen exploited so that she could not only defeat Arthur, but end the line of the merlins as well.

What she never counted on was the backlash her actions would have with the other waremerlins who refused to see her take possession of the sacred objects they were charged with protecting. More than that, with the capture of Emrys Penmerlin, the waremerlin Aquila came into her full powers. Now Aquila Penmerlin guards the isle of Avalon with the remnants of Arthur’s...

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