Give me freedom or at least give me some clean sheets once in awhile for my cage.

Sir Thomas Malory was a man of many contradictions who spent much of his life in prison, awaiting trials for all manner of misdeeds. He was also a man of many resources, for he was always quick to escape those prison walls and find his freedom.

What most don’t know is that through an uncommon act of kindness, Thomas found the doorway that connected our world with theirs and he spent much time in Avalon, learning the truth of Arthur.

But while deep in his cups, he had a fondness for story-telling… Those stories have become Le Morte d’Arthur:

 ¶ Capitulum primum

HIt befel in the dayes of Vther pendragon when he was kynge of all Englond / and so regned that there was a myty duke in Cornewaill that helde warre ageynst hym long tyme / And the duke was called the duke of Tyntagil / and so by meanes kynge Vther send for this duk / chargyng hym to brynge his wyf with hym / for she was called a fair lady / and a passynge wyse / and her name was called Igrayne / So whan the duke and his wyf were comyn vnto the kynge by the meanes of grete lordes they were accorded bothe / the kynge lyked and loued this lady wel / and he made them grete chere out of mesure / and desyred to haue lyen by her / But she was a passyng good woman / and wold not assente vnto the kynge / And thenne she told the duke her husband and said I suppose that we were sente for that I shold be dishonoured Wherfor husband I counceille yow that we departe from hens sodenly that we maye ryde all nyghte vnto oure owne castell / and in lyke wyse as she saide so they departed / that neyther the kynge nor none of his counceill were ware of their departyng Also soone as kyng Vther knewe of theire departyng soo sodenly / he was wonderly wrothe / Thenne he called to hym his pryuy counceille / and told them of the sodeyne departyng of the duke and his wyf /

Merlin, along with all the Lords of Avalon, was rather livid at his story since many of them weren’t portrayed very favorably. Thom mingled the truth with the stories of Arthur he’d grown up with. As a result, Merlin imprisoned Thom underneath their home in Avalon for his protection and her own amusement. Theirs is a tumultuous relationship at best. And should he ever be released, he will most likely meet a bad end at the hands of the LOA.