"The quickest dies last."

A warlord of great powers, Darion is the cousin to Damos and his greatest enemy. They have a blood feud that stems from the very beginning of their creation.

Darion is the leader of his patria and is rumored to be the Slayer behind the attack that killed Damos’s parents. Should they ever cross paths, there is little doubt that either one of them will survive.

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Hear it from the Fans

Am i seeing right that Darion is going to be in a League book?

Ally, November 7, 2015

    No, I hit the wrong thing on the backend when I was assigning characters.

    Carl, MB Staff, November 7, 2015

Is Darion Max's brother

unknown, April 6, 2015

    Something like that. . . cue evil laughter as we can't give spoilers.

    MB_Staff, April 6, 2015

as i said bdfore, THE DRAGONS NEED THEIR OWN SERIES. if possible, what say you SHERRI, goddess?

Alyssa, September 16, 2012

Oh my god I love your books XD!! Will there be more mensions of Darion and will he have a book of his own?

Kerry Williams, August 17, 2012