Drakos Regis Arcadian

No blood. No foul. No fun.

I am Damos Kattalakis, leader of my Drakos patria (clan) of Arcadians. As one of the direct descendants of King Lycaon, I am a Regis for the Omegrion Council which tries to maintain some sort of peace between our two races. Ours is a never ending struggle as we try to enforce some sort of rules onto two warring races who want nothing to do with rules of any sort.

Born half-human, half-Apollite, we were stricken by the ancient gods and cast down out of jealousy. My great-grandfather sought to save us. To preserve us.

Out of his love and magic we, and our cousins, the Katagaria, were created.

Since we are born of two worlds, we walk of two worlds. Time and dimension have no meaning to us. We aren’t bound by the laws of mortal physics. Mystical and mythical, we walk through dimensions and time, and even space itself– Finding our home and peace wherever we can.

We are half animal, half human. Half demon and half saint. At war within ourselves and without.

A race of both wizards and barbarians, we are capable of extreme compassion and utter, cold-blooded ruthlessness.    

We have been called many things by those who fear us: demons, witches, warlocks, sorcerers shape-shifters, even vampires and devils.

Pursued by our enemies and even by our own, we are the last great race of warriors.  

With our spiritual brethren the Dark-Hunters and Dream-Hunters, we help to patrol the universe and to keep mankind safe.

The eldest of the direct Kattalakis Drakos descendants, Damos is the leader of his patria (or what remains of it after a brutal Slayer attack that cost his parents and ninety-percent of his patria their lives). His powers are legendary and his skills as a leader are beyond question.

He is haunted by the past and has sworn to seek out every Slayer in his time period. He will keep his people safe at any cost–even when it means banishing his own brother. He will not be questioned, nor dictated to.

The survival of his patria rests upon his shoulders and it is a responsibility he doesn’t take lightly. Because of the way his mother and people died, he has sworn to never marry, nor take a mate. He would rather die himself than ever lose another loved one to a Slayer.