"War settles all conflict."


The god of war, Ares was born in Thrace which is one of the reasons Kyrian worships him. The fact that Kyrian was never defeated in battle is another.

In ancient Greece, it was believed he traveled with Eris (Discord), Strife, Phobos (Terror), Metus (Fear), Demios (Dread), Pallor (Terror), Enyo (War), and the Mache (who appeared in One Silent Night).



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Hear it from the Fans

well, in all the books he's appeared so far, it just tells us how weak and whiny he is, hope he proves us all wrong, but it doesnt seem to be looking good for him

abs, April 17, 2016

    That is how he's portrayed in Greek mythology, time and again. It's how they viewed him. He's often bested by mortals. Sherri shows him as they did.

    Carl, MB Staff, April 17, 2016

Ares your totally awesome! I loves you the God of badassery and War!

Jamie, August 22, 2013