I’m simultaneously the nicest and meanest person you’ll ever meet.

One of Stryker’s ten children from his second wife that Apollo forced Stryker to marry. Tannis was among the first of the Apollites to be cursed and was the reason Stryrker made the pact with Apollymi to move their people into Kalosis and start a Daimon-Spathi nation to prey on humans and to strike back at the Greeks who’d done this to them.

The only girl in Stryker’s brood, she was originally named Dyana in honor of her aunt, Artemis. But after the curse, Stryker couldn’t bear to call her that and once they moved into Apollymi’s domain, Apollymi refused to hear any name that honored the “bitch-goddess” of the Greeks. It was decided then that her name would be be Tannis which is the Atlantean term for “servant of the mother goddess” (Apollymi).

Sweet and meek, she (unlike her warring brothers) refused to go Daimon at age twenty-seven. She died in her father’s home, surrounded by her family. None of them ever got over her passing.