Ashaninka/Navajo Skinwalker

Souls are overrated.

I came to North America from the back country of Chili where they considered my kind- a Skinwalker who shifts into a black jaguar – a demon.  I shielded that secret when I followed the trail of a woman to the US with one purpose – to find the witchdoctor who stole my father’s soul right before she killed him and took mine before I realized she was behind his death.  But she wasn’t quick enough to kill me…big mistake.

The head of VIPER brought me in because I’m a walking lie detector and because of my ability to track power trails of a preternaturals, but I’m really in Atlanta to find that witchdoctor.  And when I do, one of us dies.  The only problem is that VIPER teamed me up to work with an Alterant called Evalle who keeps inching under my skin.  She’s trouble in more ways than I can count, but the one that most concerns me is when I saw her in a vision with the witchdoctor and my visions are never wrong.