Vladimir Quinn

Belador warrior

Don't piss me off. You'd make a nice hood ornament for my Bentley.

A self-made financial genius who started life in the gutters of Moscow, Quinn manages the assets of the Belador tribe.   His most potent weapons are Triquetra-shaped Belador throwing stars with which he’s deadly accurate and his powerful ability to mind lock.     He trusts no one more than Tzader and Evalle.

When you’re richer than the gods, blonde, and built like a Calvin Klein underwear model, everybody wants to be you. Right?   Not if they got a glimpse inside of Quinn’s soul where he’s ripped in two, divided between the oath he’d die to uphold, and a forbidden desire he can never fulfill.

The day his secret is exposed he’ll have to make a choice that will destroy all he holds dear.   And he knows that day is coming.