Be good, be gone or be eaten.

Phoenix was born five minutes before his twin brother Dorian and is fond of saying that he took all of his brother’s meanness. In fact, his brother and two sisters are the only creatures he will interact with peacefully. He hates everyone else. In particular, he hates his older brother Ravyn who betrayed their code of honor and who became a Dark-Hunter.

Cold and calculating, he is one of the few Sentinels who works alone and as such, he keeps the tattoo on his face hidden. As he says, he’s never been a team player and he’s too old now to change his ways. He’s chosen a very lonely path to follow, but he claims it suits him just fine. Only Dorian knows the pain Phoenix carries and why his brother has refused to be around others. One day, he hopes that Phoenix can find the peace that has eluded him all these centuries.