Hell is but a sauna and I'm the gatekeeper.


A vain and selfish boy, Mordred grew up as the most cherished son of Morgen le Fey. His mother adored him and lavished every gift imaginable on her son. But as he grew, Mordred was at times conflicted between being a dutiful son and a loyal nephew. In spite of what is said, Mordred did love his Uncle Arthur. How the two ended up in mortal combat is a very long story that will take some time to tell.

No one is quite sure who Mordred’s father was. It’s a secret that Morgen has kept to herself throughout time which has led to a variety of speculations, including those who think his father may have been King Arthur himself.

Now Mordred lies in stasis in Camelot, awaiting a time when his mother will gain the objects and power she needs to awaken him and heal the fatal injuries that are waiting to kill him.