If the whole world is going to hell, I'm driving the bus.


One of the four legitimate children of Arthur and Guinevere, Draig was the eldest and would have been named Pendragon after his father had Camelot not been stolen. Knighted by the Lady of the Lake herself, he was a good and dutiful son. It was said that no man could stand against his sword and no woman against his charm. He was at Camlann, fighting by his father’s side when Mordred wounded Arthur. When Morgen ran forward to protect her dying son, the Merlin warned that Mordred would rise again one day in the future.

Draig agreed to have his life force tied to his cousin’s so that on the day Mordred reawakens, he will be there to finally rid the world of his cousin’s evilness. He sleeps now in a tomb in Avalon.