I See Dumb People.

A Saracen prince in the Middle Ages who fought against the European Crusaders, Kassim was betrayed by one of his own and given over to an enemy who took Kassim’s life in revenge for the death of his son. So Kassim took it back with interest. Vengeance is a vicious cycle.

Kassim was stationed in Jackson, MS until Ash moved him to Alexandria, LA. He was with Kyrian and Amanda Hunter in New Orleans when Desiderius returned to wreak havoc on the city. He was killed while valiantly protecting Marissa Hunter from Daimons.

This is the one DH Sherri is noted for saying she wished hadn’t died. She’s often joked about duct-taping his head back on. Note the profile photo. It’s of a fan who came to K-Con 09 as Kassim, complete with the duct tape around his neck. Let’s hear it for the DH fans and their creativity! He also won the costume contest.