Black Ops Operative

You name it. We kill it.

I’m the power behind the Nyght Raiders-   soldiers of fortune capable of neutralizing anything. And I do mean anything. Human, bicycles, demons… whatever.   You name it. We kill it.

Not that long ago, I lost my best friend to a mutant human sonovabitch who shifted into a beast and ripped him to pieces.   Some call them Alterants.  I call them target practice.

Some in Washington know what I do, but due to plausible deniability, they leave me alone.  They know if humans find out what lives among them, there would be all-out panic.

I’m their private exterminator.   Then one night, I drew a bead on a demon and blew it to pieces to save the live of a woman hot on its trail.  You’d think that would make us social, but she didn’t see it that way.  She rides a motorcycle like she has a death wish; is armed to the teeth and kicks everyone’s ass who messes with her.  I find that sexy, but there’s a secret she’s hiding from me.

And no one keeps secrets from me for long.