Look out for #1. Don't step in #2 either.

I was born a poor…oh wait, that wasn’t me. I once saw that in a movie. I was born into the lap of luxury and have to admit I’m probably one of the most spoiled human beings you’d ever want to meet.

My family has served Wulf Tryggvason since he crossed over back in the Dark Ages. We don’t count generations–it’s been too many of them for us. I took over serving Wulf after my father died of a heart-attack.

Like Brynna, I grew up in the Dark-Hunter world and consider them family. I would never do anything to hurt any of them, not even Wulf when he annoys me. And the man seriously annoys me a large part of the time. He acts like a weird cross between an overprotective father and raucous big brother- one whose accent strangely reminds me of the Swedish chef muppet.

I tend to be quiet and shy. Much to Wulf’s extreme dismay, I seldom date. I just don’t have much charisma and it’s hard for me to make chit-chat with women. Nick says I need more confidence, I say I need a bag for my head.

As an only child and given what my dad did for a living, I didn’t interact much with “normal” human children so I pretty much keep to myself. Like a typical introvert, I read a lot, play on my computer, and watch ungodly amounts of TV. Most of that is because Wulf has a seizure if I ever get out of his sight. Yeah, it sucks to be me.