"It’s not that you and I are so clever, but that the others are such fools."


One of the missing Gods of Light, Verlyn is the earth’s protector. Without him…

It’s not a good day to be human. If we find no one else, we must find Verlyn.

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Hear it from the Fans

Could Verlyn be Savitar?

Angela, June 4, 2016

If Verlyn is Jaden then why did Jaden say his parents are Tiamat and Chronos? Wasn't Verlyn born from the Source?

Karina, May 17, 2016

    You're being too literal. You're not dealing with human people or mortals. You're dealing with gods and entities. Think of mythology.

    Carl, MB Staff, May 19, 2016

*narrows eyes...* I know who you are......

Natasha, May 14, 2016

^_^ I do believe Jaden and Verlyn is one person. :3 just a split personality maybe?

Tsukime, February 11, 2016

Is he Jaden? Because it says that he could kill them.

Eric, August 6, 2015

Omg is he savitar?!?!

Kay, May 24, 2015

Oh my! After having read Instinct am truly dying to read your story, Verlyn. Could you be a dear and please sweety please with sugar on start whispering to SK to WRITE YOUR BOOK too? Your boys and I would want it. :*

Carminia, April 4, 2015

"Apollymi could be braith."

kristine, April 2, 2015