"If you give someone a program, you will frustrate them for a day; if you teach them how to program, you will frustrate them for a lifetime."


In a universe where assassins make the law, everyone lives in fear-

Except Syn.

Born of an illicit scandal that once rocked a dynasty, he always knew how to survive on the bloodthirsty streets. But that was then, and the future is now.

He takes no prisoners…

Syn was raised as a tech-thief until his livelihood uncovered a truth that could end his life. He tried to destroy the evidence and has been on the run ever since. Now trained as an assassin, he allows no one to threaten him. Ever. He is the darkness that swallows his enemies whole.

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Hear it from the Fans

Who IS that in real life? Amazing looks, I want to follow his career, and just his expression--which includes those bedroom eyes & face, and hair--is enough to fuel my fantasies for a LONG time to come. Now does this mean he will be half named on the cover of your next book? Please?!?! :-D

AWOLGina, August 15, 2011

OMG!!! Who is this man ??? Syn ??? don't know, because in france we haven't yet the last Sherrilyn's books. OMG this a God a really really really gorgeous God...

nutty85, August 15, 2011

Oh my dear Lord where oh where do you find these yummy gentlemen?

Misery, August 15, 2011

Wow! this man is a hunk and the true fantasy lover of my dreams...can someone give me this man for my birthday which is next month on the 17th or he could just show up at my door as my present..mmmmmmmmm, i would love to see what i would unwrap in that gift package....

Georgia, August 14, 2011

I just really love syn, its makes me wish there was a guy who looked like him or was him. I probably would be so shocked to even talk to him. Also the guy in the pic is very sexy.

Tyisha, July 29, 2011

OMG I just started reading the league a few weeks ago, after I finsished all the dark hunter novels and my gosh......Nykyrian and Syn are my favorite Men.......unbelievable good and yumnmy lthose two are....were can find man like this any hint......., I can not wait to get my hand on the new bood, born of silince....

Jasmin, July 24, 2011

Love Syn....his attitude is killer.

Terry, July 21, 2011

Love Syn. I was laughing so hard that I was crying. The sarcasam is great. I just love the depth,Humor and smart sarcasam.

festina, July 18, 2011

my fave characater. n w/ that who is Mr. Hottie in the pic

flor, July 16, 2011

From the league series, Syn is my favorite. Very complex and contradictory character. That being said, the guy in the picture is DELICIOUS!!!! OMG!!!!!! Who is he????????

Mercy, July 15, 2011