"I'm not a bitch. I'm just a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to kill for it."


As beautiful as she is evil, Morgen le Fey holds no heart whatsoever within her. She will use any means necessary to get what she wants and what she wants is the world. She refuses to rest until her son Mordred is restored to his rightful place by her side and until she sits as Queen of Avalon and Camelot. She wants the head of everyone who ever served Arthur. Either swear fealty to her or kiss your bottom goodbye,

But Morgen is a creature of many secrets and she is not as simple as she seems. She is conniving and treacherous. And she revels in her own cruelty… or does she?

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Hear it from the Fans

I have a question, did Arthur become a Dark Hunter after his battle with Mordred? Is that why no one knew where he went when he was taken to Avalon?

Allison, November 1, 2015

    Sherri hasn't revealed what happened to Arthur. We have no idea yet.

    Carl, MB Staff, January 14, 2016

I am interested in seeing how she plays a role in Son of No One

Chamaine, June 8, 2014

She is gorgeous. Wow and not that I'm evil because I'm not but it sounds like Morgen and me are a lot of like. Well I hope you get your own book. And evil or not I like you. Awesomeness!!!

Serena, June 6, 2012