"I worship the ground that awaits you."

Stryker’s right hand, Davyn isn’t so sure he wants to be there. He was once Urian’s best friend, and was there the night Stryker coldly killed him. Needless to say, that event left an impression.

Even so, he’s a fierce fighter and a loyal friend. He never speaks of his past or why he decided to go Daimon.


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Hear it from the Fans

Dear Carl, MB Staff: Thanks for answering my question. I see now that Davyn's risky operations are borderline crazy. I hope that Urian and the others appreciate him. And I really hope he's never killed by Stryker--I don't think Medea would be too pleased. One final thing . . . might his willingness to take such risky action be because he likes Urian more than Urian knows? Just wondering.

Jon, August 11, 2015

    That would be my guess if I had to take it. But I'm not Sherri.

    Carl, MB Staff, August 12, 2015

Could someone working for Sherrilyn please help me understand? I don't get how Davyn's character works. Whose side is he on? I know he keeps telling Urian things, but then he goes back to Kalosis and is friends with Medea. Will he ever switch sides 'officially'? And I also don't get why Urian referred to Davyn as 'insane' in Styxx's story. He actually seems pretty normal, so why does Urian think he's crazy? Thanks for the help!

Jon, August 10, 2015

    He is friends with both. There are people in the world with torn loyalties and Davyn is one of them. He was friends with Urian for centuries and Urian has saved his life many times. Hard to let that go. But he is a Daimon and so he's on the side of his people, too. As for insane, yes. It's insane to knowingly help Urian when Davyn knows that if he's caught doing it, he will be killed for it. To have split loyalties or to do anything Stryker perceives as treachery is all kinds of crazy. After all, Stryker cut the throat of his own son for treason. He would definitely kill Urian.

    Carl, MB Staff, August 11, 2015

Hello. I'm just wondering, is Davyn gay? I know he said he 'prefers' men, but I don't think we know much beyond that. If he is, is there any chance he could find a handsome man of his own some day? Thank you!

Lucy, August 7, 2015

Something tells me he loves Urian unilaterally

Nerelia, August 28, 2014

Having read Styxx now.....Davyn needs his story! Please?

cjbennett, October 1, 2013