"I gave up drinking and sex...worst 15 minutes of my life."

The Goddess of Excess and Intoxication, Basi is the daughter of Epithymia (Desire) and Misos (War).

She is said to have been conceived the night her father had won a major battle against the Greek pantheon. Drunk on his own power, he ravished Epithymia. In some versions, it was Epithymia who ravished him.

Completely hedonistic, Basi took numerous lovers and was seldom seen sober. She was a mischievous goddess who loved to create havoc in mortal lives. She was often blamed for illicit affairs and for greed.

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Hear it from the Fans

her significant other is in love with her best friend the Atlanteans were screwed up

unknown, August 20, 2013

Well - three ways to get around that little problem of Basi being "dead": 1) she could have a story set in 10,000 or so years ago, 2) some Were-Hunter, God, Chthonian (Zebulon perhaps?) could go back in time for some reason, or 3) what exactly *does* "dead" mean, anyway? Another dimension/realm, frozen without consciousness, frozen *with* consciousness (that would *really* suck), etc. We already have War who in some kind of frozen state, as well as the Grizzly Spirit who is.. somewhere that is not very pleasant. Or I suppose that there is an outside possibility that they could actually be *dead* - meaning their ousia was destroyed, by a Charonte (presumably under Apollymi's command), or something else that can destroy the ousia.

Jim, March 25, 2013

Although I can't speak for the author-goddess I'd say probably not as Apollymi destroyed her and the rest of the Atlantean pantheon for not helping protect Acheron while she was imprisoned.

Lia, March 11, 2012

are you having your own story?

soulidawn merit, November 18, 2011