"He wanted to be warm, so I set him on fire. What's the big deal?"

An unhappy being, Bane likes to bring misery to anyone in his path. Though he’s seductive, he’s deadly. Like a beautiful animal in the wild that looks harmless until you reach out to touch it. Then it rips you to shreds.

Better known as Pestilence, he is one of the Four Riders of the Apocalypse and it’s the only thing he truly relishes.

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Hear it from the Fans

Hmm I just noticed that Adarian's parents are Darkness and Destruction. Does that mean that Bane is Adarian's half-brother? And which Chaos entity are we talking about? The same Chaos that birthed Braith and Rezar or Tiamat?

Mikael, June 7, 2016

    There are two Adarians. And Darkness and Destruction are titles that are applied to several characters i.e. Sherri hasn't revealed his true parentage yet, only hinted at it. Technically Rezar is Chaos as that is an epitaph that was/is applied to his Set incarnation.

    Carl, MB Staff, June 7, 2016

Love this guy so much!! He's so funny in Infamous!

Slick, February 5, 2014

War loves him but its one-sided

unknown, September 23, 2013

When Nick firsts meets Bane. That scene was PRICELESS in the chronicles of Nick!

Tessa, July 10, 2013

He's pestilence of the four horsemen

No it ALL, May 26, 2012

I might be hallucinating, but in his old profile, didn't it say he was a Chthonian?

Amaya, October 29, 2011

I want to know more about you! I can't wait until Infamous comes out.

Toby, October 6, 2011

Well you are a hott one!

nikkiejay, August 8, 2011