"Most good judgement comes from experience. Most experience comes from bad judgment."

Astrid had lost all faith in the better nature of humans. Tired of judging their black hearts, she wanted nothing to do with any of them. But when Acheron came to her and asked for a rare favor, she couldn’t deny him.

It was the best decision she ever made.

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Hear it from the Fans

What's the difference between a Nymph and a Goddess?

Mikael, April 12, 2016

    The nymphai are goddesses, they're just very minor ones who attend the major gods and oversee matters of nature and natural order such as trees, springs, water, ocean, air, etc. They're like the administrators of Olympus and often function as servants and gofers to the more prominent gods.

    Carl, MB Staff, April 16, 2016

I like how Z calls his son Bob because he said the name his mother picked is embarrassing.

Mia, September 20, 2015

Daaaaaaaaaaaym! I cried all night and it's all because of Z!!!!! I love this book! Thanks to Astrid he's all good and loving now. :) And he smiles!!!

kira, July 24, 2013

Is Astrid still called on to judge people? When she does is Sasha still go with? I could see Zarek not liking her being gone too much!

KAYBEE, April 10, 2013

KYMBIRLEE ROSE, i am soo with you on that! zarek is one of my favorite DHs. i was an emotional mess by the time i was through with it. Sherrilyn is without a doubt one of the most beautiful, heartwrenching storytellers i have had the priveledge to come across.

Alyssa, September 14, 2012


SINDY, March 23, 2012

I love u! I'm so happy 'bout the babe. I hope u have a dozen more.

annie, January 23, 2012

This book absolutely amazing me. I am trying to read them all in order. The story of Z. Is so amazing that I actually cried when he came to get Astrid from her sisters. I always love it when you get the character that is so chilled to the bone, and then you get someone that has to work to free his heart from torment. By far the best so far!!!! Bravo Sherrilyn! Can't wait to keep reading!

Kymbirlee Rose, January 13, 2012

i love u guys ur awsome

chrisann brown, October 4, 2011

@ Lis B: Kyra is briefly mentioned in Retribution.

ashley, October 4, 2011