"I don’t obsess… I think intensely."

Orphaned as a toddler, Abigail Yager was taken in by a family of Apollites and raised on one belief: Dark-Hunters are the evil who prey on both Apollites and mankind. They must all be destroyed. While protecting her adoptive race, she has spent her life eliminating the Dark-Hunters and training for the day when she meets the man who killed her family… Jess Brady.

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Hear it from the Fans

after looking at the car i can see why Andy was so upset. i would be too that is such a fine car lol

lilli, August 22, 2016

I saw Abigail and immediately thought of Silent Truth. I literally had to read through and remind myself it wasn't THAT Abby. So excited to read the book :) My aunt just got it for me!

Kagu, September 9, 2012

Just finished Retribution and am anxious to find another of the Dark Hunter series...Time Untime may be a must read on my list...thanks for being the wonderful author you are.

Gerald Dawson, April 15, 2012

Abby is great, I really enjoyed her pairing with Sundown, they really seemed to fit and I adored her relationship with her sister. I hope that Hannah finds someone. I thought she was really sweet and it would be great to see her again. Maybe Chris, Wulf's squire would be a good fit for her.

AlexV, March 21, 2012

I am so, so very sorry Andy. I would've killed them if it was my baby.

Chantal, October 24, 2011

I Loved you & sundown in Retribution plus it also came out on my birthday - august 11 yay

Carol Carlson, October 20, 2011

Mode of Transportation: Audi R8... I nearly died laughing when I saw that

Nadia, September 16, 2011

luv ya in ur and sundowns book! u rock!

phil, September 13, 2011

so far this book is one of the best. very steamy and very good. u rock i can't wait to read more about the guys.

julia, September 7, 2011

I cant wait for her story!!

Tatiana, August 28, 2011