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Original Publication Date: October 03, 2005

Setting: Modern Starkville, Columbus, West Point, and Tupelo, MS

A Hard Day’s Night Searcher first appeared in the anthology in 2005. It is now available as a standalone ebook and in print in the DARK BITES anthology.

As a Dark-Hunter and an immortal pirate who once intimidated the entire Spanish Main, Rafael Santiago thinks he has it made. Until his Squire writes a story that threatens to expose their covert world and Celena shows up to kill him for the story. In order to protect his Squire, he is now forced to endure Celena who is the greatest aggravation of his life.

Celena, for all her bluster, only wants what’s best for all Dark-Hunters, but there’s something about Rafael that makes her want to forsake her deepest held oath. That is if her well...

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The Hero: Rafael

Almost as if in answer to her question, the front door opened. A tall, good-looking  male came out of the house. His hair was shaved to leave his head bald so as to show off the intricate scroll work that was tattooed up the back of his neck, to the crown of his head. Rafael Santiago wore his signature long black leather coat, black pleated pants and a skin tight black knit shirt that showed off every tiny detail of his ripped eight...

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The Heroine: Celena

A native of Trinidad, Celena is an eighth generation Squire, and she takes her oath seriously. Anyone who exposes the DH world is toast and may the gods help the Hunter she servers 'cause she's a stickler for the rules. Just ask Ephani who gladly kissed her Squire adieu when she left to live with Rafe.

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  • Artemis

  • Acheron

  • Rafael

  • Celena

  • (A)SK Sherrilyn

  • Dark-Hunter

  • Dream-Hunter

  • Dark-Hunter Handbook

The Story Behind The Story

I first met Jim Butcher at DragonCon in 2003 on a panel we had together at 8 AM. He impressed me greatly by the fact that A) he was awake at that hour and B) that he could be funny that early in the morning. God knows, I don't have actual brain activity until at least lunch.

After the panel, we spoke for a few minutes and I was absolutely charmed. I went out immediately and bought my first Harry Dresden book and I've been hooked ever since. Jim is without a doubt one of my all time fave writers. And both he and his wife Shannon are counted among some of my most favorite people in the world. If you ever get a chance, you definitely want to meet them.

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