The Malachai

The sum of all evil. Born in violence to do violence.

At one time, there were thousands of Malachai. But after the first war was fought between the gods, they were all destroyed. All except one. Their leader and fiercest warrior who was the original Malachai spawned: Drakon. He is the great-grandfather to Nick. He lived for thousands of years until his son, Teresun Malachai replaced him. In time, Adarian Malachai was born and he, in turn, with the help of Noir, killed his father. Adarian spent centuries serving Noir until he was able to break free of Azmodea and reenter the world of Man where he has been hiding ever since.

The Malachai are allowed to have children, but only one will inherit the powers of their father. The majority of their children never survive childhood and it is said that if a son makes it to age ten, he will then be the one to kill or cause the death of his father, and then assume the full Malachai powers for himself.

If, however, he fails, the senior Malachai can then absorb his powers. To date, no Malachai of the thousands born was ever born to a loving mother. Not until Nick Gautier…