Eons ago, an individual approached each of the patrias and told them that they must each elect a representative to come and make laws and judgments that would govern all the Weres the world over. At first, they balked until they realized that Savitar wasn’t the type of man to take no for an answer.

Only the strongest of the strong ever make it to this level. These are our undisputed leaders and they speak on behalf of every member of their patria. The only way for them to lose their seat is by death…

The council decides when an individual clan should be disbarred or destroyed. They also oversee setting up sanctuaries and havens. Most of all, they are charged with judging individuals Slayers and calling out a blood hunt to see them dead.

Here are the members:

Litarian (lions)
(A) Patrice Leonides
(D) Paris Sebastienne

(A) Damos Kattalakis
(D) Darion Kattalakis

Gerakian (hawks, falcons and eagles)       (A) Arion Petrakis
(D) Draven Hawke

(A)Adrian Gavril
(D) Lysander Stephanos

Lykos (wolves)
(A) Vane Kattalakis
(D) Fury Kattalakis

(A)Leo Apollonian
(D) Nicolette Peltier

Panthiras (panthers)
(A)Alexander James
(D) Dante Pontis

Tsakalis (jackals)
(A) Constantine
(D) Vincenzo Moretti

Niphetos Pardalia(snow leopard)       (A) Anelise Romano
(D) Wren Tigarian

Pardalia (leopard)
(A) Dorian Kontis
(D) Stefan Kouris

Balios (jaguar)
(A) extinct
(D) Myles Stephanopoulos

Helikias (cheetah)
(A) Jace Wilder
(D) Michael Giovanni