Important Terms:

Chthonian: A race of… well that would be the question. There are only a handful of them left and they are a CRANKY bunch.

Savitar: Yeah… in a class by himself ;) Ditto on Acheron.

Limani: So-called bolt-holes these are doorways that open when Daimons are in trouble. They take the Daimons straight into Kalosis.

Limanis are also many sanctuaries in the human world for us. In a pinch, you can always run to a club or home of the Arcadian and Katagaria packs. So long as you keep your fangs in your mouth, they will tolerate you in their havens.

These are the cities that house large Apollite communes where Daimons are welcome: Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Rome, Athens, London, Helsinki, Rio, Los Angeles, Honk Kong, Montreal

DC not kewl. Too many blood-sucking lawyers, IRS, and politicians. They have no souls to prey on and the poor pitiful people who do are quickly bled dry by them. You’ll starve if you try to live there.