The Baconator

Got up about 5 AM to work. My oldest has to be out the door by 6 (most cruel and unusual punishment for my night owl) and middle Roo out by 6:40, but Boo gets to sleep late and not leave until 8.

Made bacon for breakfast.

I was typing away when this precious little face came around my chair. “Mama?”


“I need your help.”

“Can’t Daddy help you?”

“No, he’s not dyslexic.”

Now that piqued my interest. I’m not used to that being a benefit. “You need me to jumble up some numbers?”

“No. I need you to read this.” He shoved his Nintendo DS in my face.

All I saw was a maze of letters which is pretty normal for me. “What am I doing?”

“My instructions are hidden in there and I can’t read them. But you’re dyslexic so you can.”

I laughed because the standing joke in the house is that I am the master of word find. There really is a bennie to dyslexia in that I am a genius guru of those since it’s what most sentences look like to me anyway.

And this was no exception. Once I realized what it was, I read through it pretty easily and told him the tunnel he needed was hidden between two objects in town.

He was thrilled and popped back to the kitchen. A few minutes later he was back.



“I want pancakes.”

“Daddy made biscuits.”

“I want pancakes.”

“Daddy made biscuits.”

“I want pancakes and just think I’ll be a teenager soon and you won’t have a baby to make them for. Then you’ll be really sad and miss making them for me.”

I realized he had a most valid point so I got up to make pancakes. About the time I finished, the ex came out the shower and was in the kitchen scowling at us. “Where’s the bacon?”

I returned the frown as I saw the empty plate. “I only got one piece when I came in here.”

“Well, I made six.”

We hear evil little laughter coming from the table.

“Boo?” I asked.

“I ate them all cause I’m growing.”

I snorted at my boo. “We are too, buddy, just not up. We’re growing out.”

Boo ate his pancakes. The best part though was the cheer I received when I handed them to Boo. He declared this the best day ever and those were the best pancakes he ever tasted. He didn’t comment on the bacon, but since he scarfed it up, we assumed he liked it too.

As such, I dubbed him the Baconator. Then he went to tend chickens while I returned to the book.

And I have to say I’m now smiling constantly at the thought of my Boo and his antics. He’s right. I will definitely miss these mornings when he’s older. That’s why no matter how busy I am, I always take time to make pancakes in the morning. I know these days are fleeing and once gone, I’ll never have them back.