Reflections on BON

The attached graphic is the top that will be on bookstore displays for Born of Night. Since so many have asked about the stills, I wanted to clarify. They’re not from a TV show or movie or miniseries. They’re from a commercial being shot for Born of Night. The commercial should debut when the book is released Sept 29 and then the next two will follow: Born of Fire Nov 3 and Born of Ice (Paradise City) Dec 3. Born of Fire has NEVER been released in print before. It was only available as an ebook. Paradise City which is now called Born of Ice and Born of Night have been out of print for well over a decade.

It’s so peculiar to be revisiting a series that I haven’t worked on in over 17 years. These were published long before there was even a category in the Rita contest for paranormal or futuristic. They were some of the books that helped define a genre and are truly a mixed genre which is why they were so hard to sell. They blended things together no one ever had before, including humor with very dark themes and pasts. So it’s really neat to see them back in print after all this time and to be able to go in and add the missing scenes that editors and critique partners took out and to put them back the way *I* wanted them to
be. It’s a rare opportunity not many writers ever get.

There were so many things I wanted in them originally, but because of genre
“rules” you couldn’t do back then. I still laugh over the fact that the vampires in Dark-Hunter are called Daimons because you couldn’t use the word “vampire” in a book if you wanted to sell it because there was no one at the time they sold other than Ann Rice who had ever published a successful vampire novel or series.
To the publishing world “vampire” was a dirty word and publishers honestly
believed there was no audience interested in vampire fiction. When Night Pleasures first appeared, I put vampire in the blurb and my editor went behind me and removed if from everything. “Sherri, you can’t say that if you want people to read them. No one wants vampires. It’s a very limited audience.” Same thing was said of the League books which I also disagree with. People love SF! Can you say Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, etc?

The League books have always been particularly precious to me. In college, I wrote short stories for these characters right alongside Ash and the boys. These are the series I grew up writing and are the ones I really cut my teeth on. Not to mention The League are the first books I published and were the first to hit
bestseller lists.

I am so pleased with how they’ve turned out. They’re twice the size they were
when they were initially published and the characters have so much more depth
and history. I was also able to add Devyn’s adopted son back into Born of Ice (Paradise City) and the ending that I couldn’t have before… just wait until you see that twist! As I said, all the things I wanted to put in there that editors took out… the world is an entirely different place now and I really hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do. I’ve really missed working with them and I hate to leave them now :'(

As we get closer to Sept 29, I’m more excited than I’ve been since the original launch of Dark-Hunter and Lords of Avalon. I’m like a giddy child waiting on Christmas. The heroes of the first two novels were actually my imaginary childhood playmates. When things were bad, I would write them as the heroes who slew my bullies and made me laugh.

Now you will get to read my first heroes. Most of all, with Born of Night, you will read the first novel I ever wrote with the intention of having it published. It had a very rocky road to get here and I used to call it the book that almost never was.