Public Domain

Author Rowena Cherry sent me an email letting me know that there are resellers out there who are claiming that my books, along with those that belong to other authors, are “public domain” and that they have the right to sell them through various sites.

These sellers are thieves and they are lying to you to steal money from all of us. No work of an author enters public domain until 75 years after the author’s death. I’m still alive (unless someone needs to tell me something), therefore none of my books are public domain.

You’ve all heard me harp on this. If you don’t have the money for my books, please visit a used bookstore or a library. Please support a legitimate, honest business. Don’t support a thief whose actions are costing you money. These dishonest sellers are the reason why publishers are wanting to window (delay publication of) ebooks and why the price of ebooks and other books keep rising. They are stealing property and making an illegal profit off it. I’m begging all of you to help stop these people. Libraries and used bookstores are in trouble and struggling. *Publishers* are struggling. Only one of the major publishing houses made a profit last year. One. The rest are barely hanging on and one even closed its doors a few months ago because of it. Please help support the industry we all love by not rewarding those who don’t care who they hurt so long as they make money from it, money they are not entitled to.

I love you guys and if no one makes it profitable for them to steal from other people, they will stop. Together we can make a difference. Thanks for your support. And please report anyone you see who is selling illegal copies.