Chaos Theory

These are the days that leave you breathless.

Get copyedits in with a note they’re due back in less than 48 hours.

Hubby’s car had to be dropped off this morning and I had to take him to drop it off.

Chipped my tooth and had to go to dentist– tooth killing me :)

Just as we were finishing, I get a call from Erin. “You on your way over here?”

“No, why?”

“Your 12 o’clock interview is here.”

“My what?”


Rut-roh. I’d written it down as being tomorrow, not today. Panicked, I tell Erin to stall and make mad dash home.

Side note= why is it if you’re EVER late to something you get behind every slowpoke driver in the universe? Yes, I even got behind a tractor… We definitely need lasers as a standard feature on a car to vaporize annoying targets.

Made it right on time and do the interview and FINALLY get to eat for the first time at 3:15 pm. Then I did some edits, made phone calls, posted survey and then have to do son’s open house. Help kids with homework. Answer emails, approve manga art. Answer Carl. Pick a menu, write the blog and now… it’s just after midnight and I will sink into the edits until my eyes can’t stay open.

Let’s see how long that takes :)

Tooth much better now. Finally no pain, but will need another crown. Dog tucked in lap and cats asleep in corner…

Hoping for a less stressful day tomorrow :)

BTW, I *still* haven’t been able to play Dissidia which I bought last night. IT’S KILLING ME!! But son assures me it’s fun– evil demon spawn to tease me so.