Another Adventure In Bad Travel Karma

It started out rather typical. Kim came early to go to the signing. Everything was going right on time. Coffin signing kit… check. Clothes on body… check. Promo giveaways for fans… double check.

Get in car and drive down the street to realize I left my medicine that I need because my ex had hidden it as usual. Have to turn around and go back. Drat. Get in house to find that ex took medicine out of my bag. So begins the mad search until I locate it in a place that only my ex would think of.

Get back in car with plenty of time to make signing. Six miles from my house on 840 where there’s NO EXIT IN SIGHT… car overheats. Seriously. Because I don’t drive much, my car only has 1200 miles on it. And it broke down…

Oooo-kay. Try to call ex. He’s at the chicken coop and left phone in the house. Now, I panic. Try to drive a little further.

Car not a bit better. Panic some more and frantically try to call ex while thinking of ways to turn chickens into messenger pigeons. Wondering if we could strap a cell phone on one of the roosters…

Ex finally picks up. I’m inching my way back home but since I can’t drive more than 35 mph, it’s not good. Have him call the store (we forgot the number), to tell them I’ll be late. Ex also called the tow company. I tell him to have them at the house since I can’t wait for them on the side of the road and I figured if I kept my eyes on the gauge, car might live (if I don’t take a sledge hammer to it for doing this).

Get home, swap out my car for ex’s. Kim and I make mad transition of signing items from one to the other without any help from ex. Get back in and are now wondering, will this car make it? Is it a sign from God? Especially when ex’s Chevy starts telling us to beware, there might be snow on the ground?

Huh? You know it’s a scary world when the car starts to give weather reports. But sonofagun if it wasn’t right. It had snowed in Murfreesboro.

We finally get there about half an hour late. Dianna and Karl already there to greet us, along with store personnel and the Blood Lust Book Club. They are the sweetest group EVER. If you live around Sherlock’s Books in Lebanon, TN you should join them. They are truly spectacular.

Steve, Patty, Jill, Cathy and crew did an awesome job as always and I met William who now runs/owns the cafe. YUM! On the food. It was great too. And William is a sweetie-pie even if he didn’t go all fangirl on me :D (inside joke).

Signing was wonderful- THANK YOU to everyone who came out and I’m still ticked Krista didn’t give me a ride LOL. But now I know Debra can too if my car dies again :) You guys were the absolute best, but then you always are :) We shared lots of laughs and had a ton of fun. Gaia was there along with Evyl Ed.

And before I left, I got to meet Dacre Stoker who is one of the nicest guys ever. Why I didn’t think to get my book signed by him I’ll never know. Sheez! I’m going to blame it on my frayed nerves that were still worried about my car and the fact that I have a book to finish :) Plus Kim lives over 2 hours from my house and I knew she had a long way back and I didn’t want to keep her too late.

Eddie, Kim and I headed back home to meet ex and kids for dinner at Logan’s (there’s only about 4 restaurants in my town). Kim headed home to her crew while Ed and ex went to the movies and left me to head home to work :) Kids are adequately bribed and playing upstairs while I type.

And speaking of, must get back. But again, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who braved the weather and who ordered books to be signed. We had a great turn out and I appreciate it. And thank you to Sherlock’s for having one of the best stores in the world (I also found my brother’s Christmas present there – OMG I can’t wait to show it to him. It’s the most perfect thing EVER)!

Okay back to the grindstone. You guys take care.

Many hugs!