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Sherrilyn McQueen or Kenyon?

My staff has told me that every time they post anything about any upcoming or former release that some fans keep asking about my name.
Yes, I have legally changed my last name. Those who were around for the last few years, and who witnessed the injustice and abuse my sons and I were put through will more than understand why. I, like my sons, want absolutely nothing to do with my ex.
That being said, my publishers do not share my disgust and repugnance over that moniker that if I had my way, I’d never hear again.
Because not everyone is familiar with the nightmares my sons and I endured due to my ex’s inexcusable behavior, my publishers want to continue the “Sherrilyn Kenyon” brand that I spent over thirty years of my life building, and the worlds and characters I spent my entire lifetime creating and birthing.
Though I had my worlds and characters long before I met the monster, and had published a number of short stories about them, sadly none of the novels were published until after I’d made the mistake of marrying, and foolishly changing my last name. Something I deeply regret and wish I’d never done.
I fought a long, hard battle to keep my characters and my worlds that have been with me since my early childhood, and I had to stand face-to-face with unimaginable monsters of a corrupt judicial system and my ex who violated my rights in order to keep them. I was put through years of horrible abuse and unbelievable threats by them. It took everything I had and it cost me everything I’ve ever earned to keep my characters et al so that I could continue writing in the worlds that I and my readers love.
While I disagree with my publishers’ decision to keep the “Sherrilyn Kenyon” brand, I do agree with them that I, not the monster, am the sole creator who built my career by my own hard work and I will not allow the monster to take another minute of my thoughts or attention away from my children (real and/or fictional) or from the fans I love so much.
Until I can talk my publishers into using my real name, Sherrilyn McQueen, I will honor and support their insistence to keep the “Sherrilyn Kenyon” brand and I ask for my faithful Paladins to be understanding over this matter.
So, please allow my staff to continue to post information and dates regarding my upcoming books as that is what I know my fans are starving for, without anyone else commenting about the brand that I built on my own.
It might have been my former marital name, but it is a #1 New York Times bestseller because of MY wonderful fans and no one else.
I cannot thank all of you enough for your support. I would never have made it through my nightmare without you.
So please, let’s move forward in peace and without any more comments about a name I regret ever having used, but one I’m currently stuck with.
Together, my fans and I, have made Sherrilyn Kenyon what it is and we will continue to be proud of what we’ve accomplished as we move forward with the worlds and characters that are family to us all.
Sherrilyn Kenyon belongs to us and we will not allow anyone to tarnish that, or take away from what we’ve accomplished together. Here’s to a better tomorrow, filled with tons more books about the worlds and people we all love!