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RWA & Dragonsworn

A giant thank you to all the fans who came out at CCI & Orlando! I always say I have the best fans in the world and you guys have proven it time and again! Thank you so much for all the warm hugs and laughs! And a special thank you to RWA for the beautiful crystal heart. I had a blast hosting the awards. and am so relieved I didn’t trip and fall on stage :) It seems like yesterday that I joined, but it’s now been almost 30 years — like SFWA and HWA. Incredible how time flies. So many changes. I think that’s the third RWA conference I’ve attended in Orlando now LOL. But anyway, I had a great time seeing all my friends. Can’t wait to see y’all next year!! More laughs and more fun!

Today Dragonsworn is officially out! Lots of spoilers in this one. Can’t wait to unleash the newest dragon on the world. Falcyn has been more the ready to launch for some time now. Next we have Nick in Sept! And the Styxx dolls are now shipping in the Apollymi’s Garden store. So stay-tuned for more!

Big hugs to all!