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Thank you, RNR & Fans!

A giant thank you to all the fans who came out in Dallas for Readers & ‘ritas and in New Orleans for K-Con! I always say I have the best fans in the world and y’all have proven it time and again! Thank you so much for all the warm hugs and laughs! I don’t know what I’d do without you!

And especially to Fresh Fiction and the their wonderful reviewers and readers who gifted me with my lovely awards! I will cherish them both forever! I’m so glad they arrived home safe and sound!

Quick update, I know y’all have been more than patient and that wait is almost over. Insurrection is in the cue and awaiting store arrival. In the meantime, you can read free previews on the site! It’ll be here any day now! Thanks so much for waiting. It’s been a long thirteen years!

And don’t forget that Simi’s book hits the stands in only a month! Make sure you stock up for Christmas or the Simi will be very sad :)

BIG hugs!