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Long live McQueen!

I wanted to send out a very special “thank you” and hugs to all my fans and readers for your overwhelming love and support through this nightmare I’m living. I’ve always said that y’all are the best and you really have shown it to me during this dark time. Thank you so much!

Needless to say that when all of this is over, I won’t be a “Kenyon” anymore as I want nothing to do with the monster who has done so much harm to my children and me. Since the day he walked out the door, I have been begging and begging my lawyer to change my name, but the court won’t let me. They continue to torture me by insisting I keep the name of someone who has done untold abuse to me and mine, which I find abhorrent and inexcusable. I should have the right to get him out of my life.

That also means that we will sadly be changing “Menyon” as soon as I can, since that rhyme with a name that symbolizes cruelty and abuse is now also hurtful to me, even though it was my beautiful, wonderful fans who first dubbed themselves that as they thought it was a cute play on my ex’s surname.

But starting today, in lieu of what all of you have done for me in my darkest hours, and I can never thank you enough, I dub all of you “Sherrilyn’s Paladins” as that is what you all have become. My champions, heroes, and my heart through this horrific nightmare. In spite of their actions to hurt my children and me, and to drive you away, you have stood by me and for that I am eternally grateful, and you are helping me to rise up and defend against the evil that is trying to storm our gates and tear down all we have built together. Those who are trying to steal my worlds and characters from me when I had them before I ever met the monster and made the mistake of marrying him because he lied to me and said he loved me (he has since told my sons that he never loved me and only married me to use me to get back at his parents).

Some of you may have noticed that we have been removing Kenyon from everything such as the site and the social media outlets. The site has become or and #MySherrilyn #queenofallshadows #darkhunters Likewise, the logos have been changing as well.

Going forward, the fans will have their own new logo as well (especially since my logos, like my books, are what the ex is trying to claim ownership of when he never, ever had a hand in creating them and many were created while I was in college, but he destroyed my college portfolio so that I can no longer prove this), which is part of the new MySherrilyn logo–one that features my totem animal, a black swan—a design that is based on one I did create in college that I used to attach to my artwork I sold on t-shirts.

For those fans who haven’t heard and are asking about this and the banners, and the #IstandWithSherrilyn campaign that my beautiful fans started . . .

Just when I thought nothing could get more ludicrous or cruel than my husband’s attorneys, Sean Aiello and Connie Chadwick, claiming he wanted an amicable divorce after the ex’s initial divorce filing that accused me of witchcraft no less, and of me trying to harm myself (so he drove 14 hours away, and abandoned me during the lawsuit he got me into and left me alone with our Autistic son who, had I been suicidal, would have been the one to find my body?), along with other equally absurd accusations, he and his team decided to enact their latest bought of cruelty to publicly shame and humiliate me with my fans, after he and his attorneys colluded to have me arrested for standing up for my children and not apologizing to a liar the judge had refused to even look at the perjury charges we attempted to present to him, and the people who have abused my children and me for years. And please keep in mind that during this hearing where they had me locked up in front of my Autistic children who had no way home and had no idea how to help me and who are still traumatized by it, his so-called “family law” attorneys who had committed verifiable perjury against me and had been let off those charges because the judge didn’t want to harm “their” reputations, accused me of bribing the USA Today newspaper #usatoday to take out “Hit Pieces” on my ex. I believe that they are the better fiction writers since that’s their best defense for all his unconscionable actions against his children that they can come up—that my truth must be fiction, as no fiction writer can ever differentiate between their fiction and reality.

But I don’t want to dwell on their cruelty. Just as I don’t want to dwell on that monster. I would much, much rather be writing my books where monsters get what they deserve and the good guys always win. Where justice actually works the way it’s supposed to. If only they’d leave me and my boys alone so that we can begin to heal and go forward.

Bless all of you for your kind words and for being there for me. I can’t tell you how much you mean to me and my boys. Thank you SO much!

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Sherrilyn McQueen