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A warm hug for all

My heart and prayers go out to all the families and loved ones who’ve recently been scarred by tragedy. I don’t understand cruelty or those who have to lash out at other people and harm those who are innocent. Those who hold hatred in their hearts when there’s so much more to life than that. I never have understood such cruelty. Why waste what we’ve been given with such negativity and destruction?

When we’re little kids and we sit down to dream, we’re all builders in our minds, who want to create such incredible marvels. It’s such a shame that some of us lose sight of that as we grow older. That instead of being doctors, presidents, astronauts and such that something inside turns dark and lashes out so needlessly to wound.

I know what it’s like to hurt and feel invisible. To lose what I love most in this world. To have a pain so deep and loud that you wonder how it is no one else can feel it because it’s so excruciating that surely it resonates to everyone around you and yet no one ever sees it or seems to care. That isolation that makes a soul feel so alone even in a crowd. But it doesn’t have to make someone lash out.

It can be channeled into something productive and constructive. Harnessed to help and not harm. But I also know how hard it is to hold on to that when the world keeps hammering at your soul, day after day, relentlessly, until you feel like you’re being drowned by the unrelenting agony that won’t let you breathe. By those who are determined to make you suffer because it seems that they enjoy your pain. That they live only for the sole reason to make you pay for something you haven’t done. Some imagined slight you didn’t intend or even know about.

Those are the days when we must stand strongest on our ground. When we have to remain at the parapet of sanity and remind ourselves who we really are and why we won’t become one of them.

I am Strength.

I am Power.

I am Good.

And the darkness won’t make me one of you. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever. Love will always fill my heart. It fills it so deep and so full that there’s no room for anything else. I will not allow that darkness to make me hate. The only emotion I feel is pity that for those who will never understand the peace that comes with knowing that there is good in the world and in others. Knowing who I am and that I will not be dragged down, no matter what life throws at me.

I am a mighty willow with roots that run so deep that I won’t be toppled by any storm or dried up during any drought. I’m here to weather whatever this world throws at me. Forever graceful. Forever strong. Forever human.

Hugs & peace!