Locating Ebooks

In response to the emails we’ve been getting, here’s a list of the online stores that carry available electronic versions of my books. I’ve been told by fans that a PDF file will work on the Kindle. I haven’t tried this myself, but fans have told me that PDF’s do work on their Kindle devices. Please note that several of these stores have editions that can be read on smart phones and computers so that you don’t need any device at all to read the electronic version.

Barnes & Noble






I sympathize with the inconvenience some of you are having with finding my books which is why I have taken time to compile this list for you of online stores who have available electronic versions of my books. Likewise, if you’re having trouble finding an online retailer for my print books, please visit my website SherrilynKenyon.com and click on the title you are seeking. We have active links to online vendors who have copies of my work available for order in multiple formats and languages.Likewise there are numerous independent online stores who have copies available. For a list of them, please visit:
Some of these independent stores also carry electronic copies of my books.

Thank you so much for your support. I love you guys and I’m here to make it as easy for you to find copies of my books as I can.


Helpful info from a fan:
A PDF itself will work on the new Kindle version. For the other one (that I have), you have to e-mail the PDF to your Kindle and it’ll convert it to the Kindle format and e-mail it back to you to download.

Tip from Cat Litle

Hey thought to put my 2 cents in
PDF formats of Ebooks DO work on kindles. I know because I have over 20 PDFs on mine. The way you do it is to change the way you view it. On the kindle you can make it so instead of viewing a book the way you normally do, change it so that you have to flip the Kindle around, so your looking at it like this ~~> {… See More______} instead of tall like, does that make sense? Horizontal not Vertical. I have books on PDF formats and use it like that and it makes the fonts alot larger, but you cant use the font size change on PDF, thats why you use the SCREEN ROTATION. (to get to screen rotation, push the Font size button next to space bar)