I just found out that Born of Night is #4 on the NYT list and #11 on the USAT– something phenomenal given that A) it’s a reissue and B) it’s a genre that people have thought was dead for a long time. In fact I’m the first person to put a futuristic at the top of a major list since 1993. Here’s the press release from my publisher about it:

The powerhouse who launched the current paranormal craze with her unrivaled international bestselling record, Sherrilyn Kenyon has just brazenly relaunched another genre, the futuristic. With Born of Night, she has placed that genre at the top of the lists, something that hasn�t been done since 1993 when Kenyon published her first book. This makes her the only author who has ever placed each branch of the paranormal genre: time travel, historical, contemporary and futuristic onto the major lists. With over nineteen million copies of her books in print in over thirty countries and with well over half a million of them being her latest release, she is as PW has proclaimed, �the reigning queen of the paranormal scene.�

And I couldn’t have done it without you guys! THANK YOU!!!!