Judicial Disclosure and Accountability Act

Those who know me, know that I never get political, but because of these monsters who are hellbent on ruining lives, I have met some wonderful people who are crusaders out to help us and stop these bullies and monsters in their tracks. One of those that I’ve been talking to is a man who is currently running for office and whether he wins or not, he intends to change the laws and make these people accountable for what they do to the innocent. It’s time for judges in this country to be held accountable for their bad acts. For them to stop acting as if their courtrooms are their own private kingdoms. We all know that the entire legal system is in desperate need of an overhaul. No one, other than the corrupt who are abusing it, will argue otherwise.

Dr. Byron Bush has a proposal that he is putting forth to the Tennessee Legislature asking for transparency, accountability and deterrence. I’ve already filled it out. If you’ve been burned by them, please join us in this fight and let those who can help know your story, too. Together we can make a difference. Every single human being matters, and no one should be made to feel as if they are insignificant. No one’s life should be ruined by someone who has a God complex and who doesn’t respect the authority they’ve been given.

As my daddy used to say whenever he’d don his Army uniform, “I put this on and fight for those who can’t and in hopes that one day my children won’t have to.” He dreamt of a better world where people were all treated with respect and equality. Where peace reigned and no one went to bed hungry. I share his dream, and like my father, I’m willing to fight in hopes that my sons and grandchildren will inherit a better future.