Acheron Anti-Bullying Brigade Posters

These are free for schools, libraries and classrooms. Each poster features a Chronicles of Nick character taking a stand against bullying, and promoting the Anti-Bully Brigade (ABB) which is an organization that Brynna starts in Inferno to help combat the bullying that continues in their school and online. For a sample of the posters, please visit the gallery section of the website.


1. Download the size poster that you need (each one has it’s dimensions in the title i.e. 8X10 is an 8″X10″ poster that will print on regular paper from any printer, or 11″X17″ or 18″X24″ which will require larger paper or can be printed at any Kinko’s or UPS store) from the list to your home computer.

Please note that due to the large size of the poster file, it will download as a compressed, .zip file.

2. Open the .zip folder from where you downloaded it and you will see the poster graphic.

3. You won’t be able to open the file while it is still in the .zip folder. You will have to click and drag it out of the folder in order to use or view it.

4. Print it and display it wherever you want to spread the word that we all need to take a stance against bullying no matter who the victim is.