Why was Vane allowed to be on the Omegrion, but not Nicolette or Aimee?

Yes, it’s true that Vane, a half-breed, sits on the Omegrion when it is expressly forbidden for half-breeds to occupy that position. However, Vane and Fury are one thing the bears aren’t.

They’re Kattalakises. They are the last of the Lykos Kattalakis line which are the direct descendants of the king who created the Were-Hunters. In other words, they’re Teflon. They can’t be removed from those seats so long as they have a drop of Kattalakis blood in them. Aimee and the others (with the exception of the Arcadian Drakos who are also the last of the Kattalakises) aren’t so lucky. They can and will be removed.

I should have mentioned that in the books. It’s one of those cases where I know the rules so well, that I assume others do too. It’s what I refer to as Author’s Brain Not Included. Sorry.