Why was Tory chosen as Ash’s heroine? (Spoiler Warning)

There are many reasons why Tory was chosen, but the main one is that she’s the only one Acheron would accept.

Ash had no interest in having a goddess for a heroine. He’s had his fill of them and they’ve done nothing but screw up his entire life. Not to mention, there would have been no conflict with Artemis as she would have never admitted to another goddess that she had a relationship with Ash and she would have quickly backed down. Most of all, Ash would have never trusted another god. Ever.

More than that, there is only one thing Ash has ever truly wanted: to be normal. He knows that he’s not. But being human is the only thing he has ever craved. To be treated like everyone else. No better. No worse. It’s why he became friends with Nick. Nick always treated him like a regular guy.

And Tory is the only woman has ever done that. She didn’t fall all over him because he’s gorgeous. She doesn’t swoon at his approach and try to jump his bones. To her, he’s just a regular guy who better leave the toilet seat down. She loves him more than her life, but she refuses to be intimidated by him. To her, he is simply the man she loves. His past doesn’t matter to her, only their future together. There is no more perfect mate.

Ash loves the fact that she’s so positively normal and human (even though he’s given her powers to protect herself). With her, he doesn’t have to worry about god politics or head games. She is exactly what she appears to be. Simple and fun. When he’s with her, they are two people in love. Not two gods or two immortals. Just two people.

And after everything he’s been through, I thought it was only fitting that he should have the one thing he’s wanted most- A normal, lovable woman full of foibles and flaws like all the rest of us.