Why hasn’t Darkness Within been released?

Writing is a strange animal. Sometimes it’s tame and loving, and it brings you daily gifts. Other times, it’s vicious and bites you hard while you’re trying to pet it. DW is one where it turned vicious.

I’ve written two full drafts of the book and have tossed both aside due to the fact that they stunk. While I write every day and without a vacation, I’m not the kind of writer who writes to deadline. I don’t rush a book. Ever. I want to give every single book I do all the time it needs to be the best book I can write.

Having spent most of my life in bitter poverty, I appreciate how hard it is to earn a paycheck and I would never, ever ask a reader to pay for anything less than my absolute best. I won’t do it. You deserve only the best I can do. It’s my promise to you with every book I publish.

For whatever reason, you might not like a particular book I’ve written, but the one thing I can do is swear to you that I gave it my all and that I thought it was the best book I could deliver. Otherwise it wouldn’t be published. I would rather delay publication than put something cut rate out there.

I am so sorry that this book has given me such fits. But I haven’t abandoned it or the LOA series. I love this series as much as I do the others I write, and for now LOA is being explored through the DH series and I’m focusing on the dragon patrias for a while. I’m hoping a little time away from the Kaziel and the Helhounds will inspire me and that this time when I reconstruct the plot, it plays nice with me. On the bright side, you know I don’t have a ghost writer. If I did, the book would have been out years ago.

Please look for updates on Kaziel and the Helhounds. I’ll let you know as soon as I have the book finished and we have a date for it. In the meantime, LOA continues with Son of No one and Dragonbane and the books listed on this page. Thanks!