Why didn’t Ash save..? (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Why didn’t Ash save Cherise? It’s as complicated as he is. As we all know, Acheron hates to tinker with anyone’s destiny or free will. After what happened to him, he wants no part of screwing up someone else’s life. Unlike us, and as a god of fate, he fully understands how   the most seemingly innocuous decision can forever change our lives. Seriously.

He brought Kyrian and Amanda back only because he could see a happy future for them, and he knew that it would be best for Marissa, with her raw powers, to have her parents there to guide her through her life. He knew that was a safe decision to make (he wasn’t that close to Kyrian until after Marissa was born so their futures weren’t hidden). And no, he’s never been able to see Marissa’s future because they are so close. However, he does know that she, as a toddler, needed her parents.

In the case of Cherise and Nick, he didn’t know the outcome in any direction. While he could tell Nick had some funky powers, he didn’t know the full extent (Menyara wouldn’t tell him for fear of what he might do if he learned who and what Nick was).   In the beginning of his relationship with Nick, he was able to see Nick’s future with Tiyana, Cherise’s. But that was decades before the events in Seize the Night. And Ash knows the future isn’t set. Again, the smallest decision forever changes it. He didn’t dare tamper with it, especially given Nick’s powers.

Plus, by the time Acheron found out Cherise was dead, Nick was already a Dark-Hunter and there was no way back from that. Having his mother come back would have only complicated everything. Not to mention, Cherise had already accepted her death and moved on (Nick was an adult). Kyrian and Amanda hadn’t because their child was still a small child.

Why didn’t Menyara tell Acheron? Why didn’t Ash chance it? Why didn’t Ash ever tell his best friend about Simi? We can do what ifs all day long and chase answers into infinity (and I do know the answers to all of those). But it comes down to this, we all make mistakes. All of us, and that includes Acheron. We make the best decision we can at the time and then we live with the consequences of it. We all have regrets, and that includes Ash, Menyara, Nick, Simi, etc. Woulda, shoulda, coulda…

We all withhold things from those closest to us because we’re afraid of being hurt. As it says in my books, when you love someone, really love them whether they are friend or significant other, you let them into a place inside you where only they can do you harm. And if you’ve had a really bad past, you are extremely careful about those areas that you know would destroy. And yes, by keeping those secrets, you can cause your worst fear to manifest. That was the lesson Acheron learned.

The characters aren’t perfect. They are real and they make mistakes. That one night fractured the DH world and impacted all the characters. But to me, it’s what makes the world they live in seem so real. It’s what breathes life into all of them.