Why did you choose to write as Kinley MacGregor?

I didn’t really choose it. When Laura finally offered me a contract after my involuntary hiatus from publishing, she was worried about my writing the historicals under Sherrilyn Kenyon since Sherrilyn Kenyon was known for paranormals and science fiction. She wanted to create a fresh start.

Since I’m highly superstitious, I agreed. At that point, I really did think my name was cursed. I thought about it for a couple of days and decided Kinley MacGregor. I chose MacGregor since there was a time in Scottish history when MacGregor’s couldn’t go by their real names. It seemed a perfect fit. Under the Kinley name, the books took off and by book 3, I was hitting the USA Today list (I hit the NYT list with the next one).

Then when Jen Enderlin bought the Dark-Hunter books, she wanted to return to my name as she knew I still had fans out there wanting more paranormals and science fiction. I argued at first, but Jen won in the end and so I returned to using my real name for the genres I first started writing in.